Hi folks. Well here we are in NYC – my old friend Shay described it as a substantial Limey meets the Big Apple, with the odds on Granny Smith winning in the seventh. Ha!

Anyway we are here for a 3 month period supporting our lovely daughter Sarah and husband Ian by looking after our two fab youngest grandsons Elliott and Noah.  Sarah’s been made President of a her London-based agency’s US operation and we’re proudly tagging along, determined to make their lives a bit easier as they focus on establishing and growing the business. We’ll be sharing their apartment in a lovely brownstone building in Lower Harlem. It’ll be hard work for all of us but we hope to have a some fun along the way and get under the skin of this fantastic city. Along the way I’ll do some postings on life as a fat bald English bloke here in NYC.  I’d be chuffed if you found time to check them out occasionally.

Fat Bald Paul