Well amidst the gloom and rain of the first few days, our first Saturday here dawned bright and sunny. Now this was great as we had our first visitors – our great friends Shay and Marta who live up in Connecticut, about a 1hour 40 minutes direct rail link away via our local train stop. So seeing the guys is now real easy.

It was lovely to see them – it seems so long since we’d seen the guys on their home soil. As ever they arrived laden with gifts; Marta brought a scented candle for Carol/the apartment and they came with no fewer than 5 bottles of wine from Shay’s collection. I think he knew that we’d been having trouble sourcing wine (subject of an upcoming blog) bless him.  He also left us with his tablet fully uploaded with tons of tv (including live access) and film which has enabled us and the boys to watch stuff on the monitor whilst we get cable or an Apple TV box sorted out. He’s such a mate.

We (well S&M) also found a fairly local French restaurant to go for lunch which was great  – apart from the late asparagus! Don’t ask. Here’s a shot that Carol took of me and himself discussing the merits of Man Utd v Spurs as ever. I like this shot as it just sums up our relationship to me…


As usual I lost the race for the bloody bill but hope I made up for it a little bit when we had drinks later in the week in the city. Anyway we can’t wait to pop up and see their new home and let Marta show us around the latest in her always fab kitchens.

The second visitors arrived the following w/e – Sarah and Ian’s very good friends Luca and Ana who live over here in Summit, New Jersey. Sarah met Ana when they were going to NCT classes with their first babies Elliott and Nina, who have become best mates too. L&A moved over to America just Ioved a year ago and S&I took over their lovely home in Chiswick. Ironically just as S&I have made it here they are scheduled to move back to London with Luca’s job. It’s a mad world these days for young people eager to get on.

Anyway we left the guys to have a fun catch up over brunch – very much a NY institution though funnily enough we all ended up in Central Park later as it was such a nice day and a good stroll down there. It’s helluva place and we’re already big fans. Here’s a shot of 3 of three kids (and Ana) walking hand in hand down there. Young love…




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