Street life

We’re living on a street which is just as nice as all the others around and better than most. but as with everything here you get two faces to every coin.
We have a delightful community garden just a couple of doors down from us which is great to flop in to after a long walk with the boys especially as it catches the afternoon sun. I’m also bound to become a volunteer gardener…

And if you like churches we have just the 3 along here. In fact if you’re into the Lord, you’d be well-served here. Not only are there churches on every single corner but most blocks on the main roads have Baptist chapels every 4 houses. It’s like living back in Aberystwyth where the University prospectus proudly proclaimed that there were 47 churches and an exact same number of pubs in the tiny town. Very  Welsh.

I digress as usual. Our little street is mostly quiet and peaceful and the neighbours, all bar the moany arses beneath us, have been super friendly and welcoming.  And yet there’s that ever-present grittiness. The place across from us is interesting. Daughter S reckons it’s a half-way house or something similar as there’s such a traffic flow of folks over there. And we get the occasional guys turning up after 10pm with a trolley holding an illuminated speaker about the size of a telly in the 70’s and booming out house music at 1100 decibels. And dancing to it in the street. With kids sleeping. And waking. Sigh.

But it’s not all noise and Jackson action. We’ve been here 3 weeks nearly and already the house across has twice been visited by multiple police cars…

…two ambulance visits and when we came home the other day this was the sight we encountered at the church across the street…

We have big window seats to the front and I have to tell you the boys love sitting there checking out the action.  It’s like living in bloody…Harlem, NYC! If they could can life here I think you could say our street delivers what it says on the tin.



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