Never a Dull Moment

So it’s been an eventful last 12 hours. Last night son-in-law Ian was in San Francisco, Carol headed off at 6pm to go and have her hair done leaving me Home Alone with the boys until Sarah got home from work. No problem I assured everyone, even I could handle things for 20 minutes or so…..

I got an early message from Sarah just before 6pm saying she was on the way, hurrah. Only to be followed 10 minutes later with a call to say she was in an ambulance – OMG. After a heart-stopping second or two Sarah explained that she was accompanying a young girl who was next to her on the train and whose waters had suddenly broken and had gone into labour. As she was completely alone Sarah had done the noble thing and gone with her. Sarah felt obliged to stay until one of her family got there, she said, which was fine as the boys were being very good, and Sarah had been promised that someone was heading to the hospital at full speed.

Long story short the young girl’s labour turned out to be a false alarm and full speed was  a bit of an over claim. Sarah and Carol arrived home within minutes of each other at 9pm!!!!

I was proud of my daughter’s compassion but bloody relieved that the boys had actually been angels for me and were tucked up in bed fast asleep. A bit of Grandad magic eh!

This morning I was walking youngest grandson Noah in his buggy down to the shops hoping he’d drop off to sleep (sadly the Paul Daniels touch had worn off  by this morning) but en route we met a group of women in curlers and dressing gowns heading to a nearby coffee shop. They were cast members from a tv/film crew operating a couple of streets away from us. I’m pretty sure the main member was Rosie O’Donnell who made a point of coming over and saying how gorgeous the little fellah was. I did my usual do-you-mean-him-or-me? routine and attracted the well-both-of-you-of-course! response. Always works ha! Anyway thank you very much Rosie, nice to see ya…(even in curlers)



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