The 2 & 3 trains

We sit on a great subway junction that allows us to catch the no’s 2 and 3 trains enabling us to travel all the way to north Manhattan and on into Bronx country and all way to the south of Manhattan and on to deepest Brooklyn. We use it a lot.

One of our early long journies was down to visit one of our favourite homeware shops, Crate & Barrel. I know that sounds a bit hint of mint but they have some great shops here like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Williams & Sonoma selling fab, well, household stuff. We needed some little forks for the boys so headed of to C&B where we knew we’d get some. They used to have a place in mid-town but closed it because the business rates had become so expensive. So it was a trek down to Howston St station near Greenwich village where there only NY branch is now and it is great…

Although I must confess I’ve never seen so many gay shop assistants in my life. I’m pretty sure they’re called something smarter these days like retailing advisory counsellors. Anyway there was a lot of them, all seemingly  sporting mint-coloured shirts, which I thought was highly appropriate. We got the forks.

Our next big trip down was to visit the High Line, which, if you like a bit of walking with some great urban views, you’ve got to do in NYC. It’s a section of an old elevated rail line which serviced the old meat-packing district, which like the High line itself has been re-purposed into a trendy, cool area. It’s about a mile and a half walk above street level along a green and verdant pathway and it’s super (albeit very popular). Here are some shots of the path and the urban scenery etc…

Finally a selfie of Caz and I at the end of the trek…

I’m the fat bald bloke btw…



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