They certainly like their acronyms here. Yesterday was a miserable day weather-wise so after lunch we took the boys to CMOM or the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. It’s way down on 83rd st just off Amsterdam Ave in a really nice part of town. We took the bus as we thought it’d be a bit of an adventure for the boys.

It was too, especially when the conductress insisted that we could only embark if we folded up the buggy. That was alright but it’s an awkward bloody thing once folded and they provide no storage space on NYC buses whatsoever. So I stood in the middle of a busy bus with a huge obstacle and I provided the cabaret for the whole journey. In case you’re visiting, the buses (which I generally adore) are completely baby/toddler unfriendly.

Anyway, the museum. I don’t really know what a museum is defined by – a collection of old stuff?  But this place isn’t a museum. It’s a big play centre and 3 out of the 4 floors are pretty rubbish.  Especially when it cost us $44 to get in. The ground floor – which is the portal to the whole place of course -is a celebration of products from the Muslim world. So, for example, there are exhibits of carpets from the Oman or somewhere.  Do you know how exciting that is to a 3 year old? About a tenth as exciting as it is for a man deep into his 60’s.

I was going to call it quits when we hit the 2nd floor or 3rd floor as they call it here (ground floors are as redundant as those silent ‘u’s) and there was a huge fire engine and MTA bus both with masses of controls and pedals and flashing lights. Hurrah. Boy heaven. two and a half hours later we had to drag the lads out of there. Here are some shots of the boys having FDNY fun and if Elliott isn’t the 3 year old reincarnation of Steve McQueen in Towering Inferno then I’m a New Amsterdammer…





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