Grand Central Station

Well after the fun of the Children’s Museum yesterday we took the boys on another adventure; the destination Grand Central Station for lunch with mum and dad.

Now a rail terminus may not sound like much fun but it is a truly wonderful building, beautifully-designed, built of classical materials and full of great shops, bars, super food areas. It’s just a joy to explore and wander around and appreciate the stunning architecture.  You’re probably  thinking this sounds like a treat for me not the boys. And you’d be partially right ha! But we had some fun.

First up a trip on the mainline train down from Connecticut which we caught at Harlem 125th St east. Nervous anticipation on the platform..

This was Noah’s first trip on a main line train and he loved it.  Though he was desperately fighting not to drop asleep. He made it to the station but fell asleep just as we were heading up into the concourse…

But Elliott happily chased across the concourse as soon as he caught sight of mum and dad…

Then a quick look around – check out this beautiful architecture…

For someone who used to commute into the dog kennel that is Euston station, this place is like commuter heaven – a place full of grace and charm and people behave there with decency.

So onto lunch and someone enjoyed their catch up with M&D…

We popped up into the street to check out the location of Sarah’s office  and I’d forgotten that my next favourite building The Chrysler is immediately above – it’s Art Deco brilliance…

We took the boys to the nearby Footlocker store as Sarah wanted to get them some Converse trainers but the shop staff were hopeless so Carol and I got them some later on up in Harlem – more choice and great staff help. The journey home was another little adventure and again the boys loved it…

Here’s a shot of Noah in his trendy trainers earlier today…

Very street bro’



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