We are loving him having the boys but by Friday evening we are pretty done in and looking forward to the week-end break. And last week we headed up to Connecticut on the New Haven train to see our good friends Marta and Shay and stay at their lovely home.

Shay met us late on Friday night and we had a super carbonara supperthat Marta had prepared. We hadn’t eaten since lunch-time so it was scoffed down. Wine was taken, unsurprisingly (Shay has a top collection) and whilst the girls headed off to bed we got on with the football chat catch up. And we were then joined by cool eldest son Matt who joined in our conversation about contemporary music and old school stuff. Matt defended new digital technology stoutly against a wave of old bloke cynicism. Fortunately Shay was able to form a bridgehead to peace by playing us his collection of super soul and blues music by some very contemporary artists like Leon Bridges, Charles Bradbury and super guitarist Gary Clark Jr. Loved it. We went to bed after 2am in a mellow frame of mind.

Saturday morning was lazy; Marta had some early morning rowing training over in Westport and a spot of work and Shay and I took their sparky little terrier Harry (full name Harry Kane) for a decent walk. We were able to check out the garden and the neighbourhood for the first time and how delightful the area around their town of Branford is. Very New England. We also had a good look around the house and it is just super; spacious, timber-clad, set in a lovely plot and beautifully furnished. We loved it.

Marta made us a super salad for lunch and of course a few glasses of something cool and reviving…

Saturday afternoon we headed up to an outlet centre where we got some clothes shopping done (very unusual for me) and later on we had  a really tasty Indian – our first since being away – and an earlier night. This was  triggered by the fact that I was struggling to get the metal top  off a bottle of wine with a corkscrew until Shay opened it with ease by unscrewing it. Embarrassing…

Sunday turned out to be a lovely sunny day and after a quick visit to a local flea market where we got some pressies for the boys we had a relaxing day on the deck taking in the rays and the lovely views of the garden, house and neighbourhood. Fab. Super late lunch before heading back to the city….

We got back early Sunday evening Feeling totally relaxed with batteries re-charged. Thank you so much guys for some great food, wine, conversation and a load of laughs. See you next weekend (only joking – actually we are!)



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