The Donald – dazed and confused

Well we’ve been here over a month now – can’t believe it – and I haven’t once commented about life with Trump – which is even more unbelievable.

Anyway over the last day or so he’s been conducting a series of interviews to mark his first 100 days in office and he’s stolen the headlines here again.  Not because of his achievements but because his comments have appeared so bizarre. And once again people are seriously questioning his worthiness for the office.

So what’s he said? Well first off he was interviewed by a senior political journalist who asked him whether he still stood by his totally unproven claim that former President Obama had ordered a wire-tap of Trump’s HQ during the election and that Obama was a sick bad guy for doing so. Now a gracious man might have said he was misinformed about the tapping and offered an apology for any stain on a very decent President’s reputation.  That way he’d come out with some dignity. But no he just said ‘I don’t stand by anything (sic – it’s true!) …you can take it any way you want. I have my own opinions you have yours.’ Then he ended the interview and walked away, piqued.

Then in a second radio interview he started rambling on about the  greatness of former Preident Andrew Jackson (with whom he has been likened you will be interested to learn). Apparently he was so good at statesmanship he could have worked out a way to prevent/stop the American Civil War. Except that he died 16 years before it even began.

He’s clearly got no educated grasp on American history and he basically just makes up a version of reality that suits his point of view. He also clearly confuses opinion for fact. If he believes it’s the truth then it must be so.

Oh and in a final interview he talked very positively about the despot leader of North Korea Kim Jing Un saying he’d happily meet him for talks if necessary. In fact he’d be ‘honoured’ to do so. This after sending his nuclear fleet out there to scare the shit out of the fat little dim sum dictator.

There was almost incredulous comment on the news programmes this morning. They struggled to find anyone to defend the President and questioned whether he was just stupid or tired or ill-briefed or out of his depth or just plain dangerous when speaking off the cuff. Tv station even implied he might just have dementia. Whatever the truth he was ridiculed and rightly so.  This isn’t a Diane Abbott level of confusion over numbers. She’s a dipstick member of a shadow cabinet that’ll never sit around the cabinet table in no 10 even if the Tories, SNP and Lib Dems all disband before the election.  Trump is the leader of the free world and head of the mightiest nation in history.

We are living in strange times here.



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