Walking down the street yesterday a policewoman stopped and chatted which I thought was nice. This morning I headed off to a great new store we’ve found a few blocks away for some supplies, and passed our local cop shop, Precinct 28, where she’s presumably based. It’s not the prettiest place as you can see below…

It reminded me of that great film Assault on Precinct 13  –  and not the crappy re-make but the tense original which was written, scored, directed and edited by the brilliant John Carpenter. It got me thinking that there were some excellent films from the 70s that maybe didn’t get the critical acclaim they deserved at the time eg Spielberg ‘s first movie Duel, two starring Al Pacino – Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico, Donald Sutherland in Klute, Clint Eastwood’s best film Dirty Harry, The French Connection starring Gene Hackman and Steve McQueen’s even more iconic Bullitt. Classic cop/crime films all based on the mean streets and roads of Amercia.

It can’t be just nostalgia that makes me think the best films like the best music was produced back then. Of course I’m open to persuasion.



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