Street thoughts

Two things struck me this morning walking to the store:

1) How much more pleasant it is to walk down a city street when the sun is shining and the trees are at last bursting into leaf (and the little fellah is fast asleep in his buggy!)…

2) As you can probably also see from the image above, the pavements here (sorry sidewalks) are not made of paving flags or tarmac as in the UK but from large squares of concrete. And that’s true of every street. Can you imagine how much concrete that must have taken to slab over a city as big as this. And can you imagine how rich that must have made the owners of the city’s major cement/concrete producers? How surprising would it be to find Trump’s family or the mob involved? I’ll do some research.

update:  check out this old clipping featuring the wonderfully-named and ‘well-connected’ Fat Tony Salerno, whose name spookily crops up later again in a business link with Fat Donald in a subsequent clipping.  Well, well, well.



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