The boys

So Ian was away in San Francisco on business stuff the other week and Sarah has her boss over from the UK this week and they’ve chased up to Chicago for an important conference till Friday. We’ve just heard that Sarah’s US company have picked up their second major client which is fab news after one month. Fingers crossed but all’s going well for the guys.

It does mean that we’re spending a lot of time with the boys which is cool. But without a car here we are doing a lot of walking and the boys are getting tired by the end of the week. So for the last couple of days we’ve had a couple of lazy afternoons out. Here are a few photos taken the last 48 hours…

Elliott in the street community garden playing with some scallop shells


View of the garden starting to bloom…

Passing the statue honouring Harriet Tubman who was one hell of an abolitionist activist – check her unbelievable story in the following image…

The skies clearing this afternoon (we’ve had the weirdest weather – no two days within 10 degrees of each other)…

At Morningside Park….

Ice creams ummm….

Such a cool couple of days.



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