Well as ever the weather’s been variable and it’s been a very rainy day here in NY. I took Noah out in the buggy this morning for a quick visit to the shops and we both got soaked. But it was enough to get him off to sleep and boy did he need it. A right little pickle has transformed into an angel.

Speaking of wet, we popped into CVS which is a pharmacy store like Boots in the UK. I was in there not long after we arrived to go and buy some nappy sacks. I think most people can work out what these might be – a bag full of small plastic bags that you put wet/soiled nappies in before placing them in rubbish bins. They are to help prevent smells etc. Here’s a photo of the things which are available in just about every supermarket and pharmacy store in the UK…

I couldn’t find them in the baby section so went and asked one of the helpful assistants. I described the product just as I outlined them above  – I even changed the term nappy to diaper to make things super simple in local vernacular. Well you think I’d got two heads judging from her expression. You do what with them? she asked. I explained again, this time more slowly as it was clearly a difficult concept for her to grasp. It’s a plastic bag to put dirty diapers in and you get something like 300 of them in a slightly larger bag. Again looking aghast she explained that she’d never heard of them nor knew where I might get them.

I asked her why it was such an alien idea to want to wrap a dirty nappy into something that contained the smell – how are the things dealt with over here? She told me she had no little kids around so couldn’t say. Ah. I felt like saying I’d never tried sanitary towels but have a good idea how they work but I resisted and went to another big pharmacy store Rite Aid. I got the same reaction there. Incredulity.

I don’t actually know what they do with dirty wet nappies here, but I suspect I know the reason they don’t sell bags of bags. Every place you go to they give you ridiculous amounts of plastic bags to put your goods in – and everything is double-bagged. It’s shocking because you quickly forget how things were before the imposition of the 5p charge for all bags in the UK (which has worked brilliantly). We’ve been here a month or so and built up a plastic bag collection that fills half a huge store cupboard. They’ve no need to buy plastic bags because they are swimming in free ones. It’s insane especially because they are organic/save the world/recycle mad. How do you explain this; beats me?



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