Connecticut; the return

So last Friday evening we packed our bags, after a very busy week with the boys, and headed up on the New Haven train to spend another week-end with our good friends Shay and Marta at their lovely home in beautiful Connecticut.

The weather was grim as we headed up there and the forecast for the week-end was lousy. No worries, it’s a fab place to re-charge the batteries and relax as S&M are incredibly generous hosts. We had a quietish Friday evening (though it was nice to catch up with both Nicky and Matt their top boys)  and a relatively early night.  Saturday turned out to be a lovely day as it happened and we did little bar chill on the deck watching S&M working away in the kitchen/garden…

And preparing us a lovely al fresco lunch…

I should have felt guiltier than I did but the sun was shining, the views were stunning, the humming birds were at the feeder and I had a glass of wine in hand.  Say no more.  Saturday night was a belter too. We met S&M’s good friends Cathy and Bob who were lovely and great fun and we headed out to dinner (me upfront in Bob’s pickup truck, dude) at a little local pizzeria called Bufalina. It only sits around 12-14 people and you engage with everyone in the place.  Great pizza and you can even bring your own wine – very sensible policy – Shay brought armfuls of course. We had a blast as you can see…

If you ever find yourself at a loose end in Guilford CT check out Bufalina and tell them Fat Bald Paul sent you there. They’ll have a Nutella flavoured pizza (it’s true) lined up for ya….

Well the party continued back at S&M’s place till who knows when. I know it must have been a swell evening because I woke up with a delicate feeling in my head and Shay reckons I fell asleep on the loo. I’m sure I was just resting my eyes but he swears it took two strong men and about half an hour of knocking to raise me. He exaggerates sometimes but you know you’ve got a friend when he doesn’t mind seeing you with pants round the ankles (mine not his – otherwise you might get the impression I was writing about Deliverance country not Connecticut).

So Sunday was altogether a quieter day – some lazy time on the deck, then watching Man U lose against the old enemy by not attempting to win, followed by a late eggs and bacon brunch with crusty ciabatta. Fab. Then a surprise. The girls went for a bit of retail therapy (that’s not the surprise) whilst Shay and I headed off to visit his favourite local brewery/beer bar where we got into some rare conversations with just about everyone and had a couple of beers more than I thought was possible inside an hour and a half. Great fun and if you’re ever in East Haven CT and at a loose end,  pop into Overshores and tell them Fat Bald Paul sent you there. Barman Scott will have a glass of Lorraine lined up for ya…

Great time and a lovely week-end. Thanks again guys






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