FD bvd

Another acronym for you; this one stands for Frederick Douglass  Boulevard which is just two blocks away from us. It’s a handsome road named in honour of another African-American hero, this time a 19th century social reformer, abolitionist and statesman.

Our favourite local store sits along the road and we have to cross it to reach Morningside Park, so we head there most days.  Just recently I’ve noticed all these quotes and phrases (some from old FD himself) beautifully written and presented in chalk on the pavements like these…

You can probably see that FD bvd also stands for FoodDrink bvd as this is Harlem’s restaurant row with loads of eateries, cafes and bar. And coming up later this month is a food festival where sample food is offered at all the places for around $5. Cool.

But imagine the dedication of someone who must write these signs out side every establishment during the wee small hours and  come up with dozens of relevant quotes. And he/she has to do it all over again every time it rains, like today. I’m in awe.  Enjoy some more….

Very smart





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