We are sailing…not!

So yesterday we headed over to Long Island to see old friends Andrew and Violet, who’d invited us up to hopefully spend some time on their sailing yacht.  Sounded great but a frigging storm hit the NE coast yesterday and boy did it rain.

We still went over and had a pleasant day with A&V. En route we stopped at the first place with a proper store of good wines decently priced http://www.bottlesandcases.com. Oh hope I wish we had this place in Harlem.  And so we had fun drinking a bit of wine over a nice lunch before heading to the yacht club yesterday evening (as you do) for some late snacks and drinks.  But there was no way we’d head out on the boat. It bloody threw it down.  Hey ho. Hopefully we’ll catch up again soon especially as our dear friends from the UK Lawrie and Sheila are heading out to spend some time with A&V in a couple of weeks. I hope they bring some non-British weather with them. Many thanks for a great, if very wet, day guys.

We headed back to NYC on the late train to get into Penn station (and what a soulless place that is compared to Grand Central) around midnight. Lively crowd on the train as you can see below (I’m sure that tall guy is our landlord!)…



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