Mums, Matt and a mouse

Sarah and Ian and the boys went to stay with their good friends Ana and Luca over the week-end in New Jersey. And that meant we woke on Sunday morning to the sound of silence. No little fellas running around wanting their breakfasts. It was bliss, ha! However once again the weather was anything but serene. Though the storm had passed by we had sunshine, cold snaps, rain, more sunshine, then overcast and rainy again all in one day. It really has been bonkers weather.

After lunch we took ourselves off to the flea market and farmers market down on 77th street.  We’d read that the flea market  was pretty extensive and very popular but in reality there wasn’t an awful lot there – mostly women’s clothing and crappy jewellery. There was very little there to interest me though Carol did manage to buy a couple of items of clothing for Sarah’s upcoming birthday. And the food market was disappointing too – it was all a bit specialised with stands offering roasted pigs ears, penguin milk, chocolate Guinea pigs and the like. Still, Carol bought some Challah bread which we quite like so it wasn’t quite a wasted journey.

On the bus journey home we passed dozens of restaurants and despite the weather, there were large queues outside all of them. it was Mothers’ Day yesterday over here and they clearly take taking mum out for lunch very seriously. Sunday brunch out is also popular so restaurant owners must have been loving yesterday.

The other thing about the bus ride home was that we had to change buses 3 times because of mechanical issues etc. We left the farmers market in bright sunshine and by the time we got back it had poured down and was bright again – it took that long.

When we got home the guys were all back too and one of Ian’s oldest friends, Matt, had arrived at the same time.  He’s a smashing bloke and had brought pressies for the boys as ever.

We didn’t get much chance to chat because Ian and Matt were heading out for a catch up over a few beers, which we later found out was great fun.

As Sarah, Carol and I were just clearing dinner stuff away we had another visitor – this time a mouse who brazenly shot across the kitchen floor.   I tried the old throwing the slipper at him routine very unsuccessfully as it turned out.  So we’re investigating humane solutions now – unless I get him forest of course!



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