It ain’t half hot grandad

Oh you can tell we’re British. A week ago it was freezing and we were moaning.  Last Saturday it absolutely poured down and we moaned again. Today the weather is hitting 90 F and quite frankly, it’s too bloody hot. I’ve never known such bonkers weather since we had a camping holiday in Scotland in August 1974.

Noah and I went for our usual walk to the store mid-morning and he fell asleep in the buggy without any problem. I’ve learned quickly about walking on the shady side of the street when it’s hot. Elliott also had a we lie down on the bed prior to lunch – he was so warm.

After lunch when we normally head over to the park at Morningside or Central Park, we asked the boys if they fancied that and they were fairly unenthusiastic, I’m sure because it was so hot and the walk can be draining, especially for Elliott who doesn’t get to ride in the buggy.

So we popped just down the road to our neighbourhood community garden. It’s lovely and shaded and the lads had loads of fun playing in the dirt whilst we relaxed in our favourite Adirondack garden seats. We even met a nice teacher from a local school who gave us some details for Sarah to follow up on for the boys. Some shots of the boys getting down and dirty….



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