Connecticut; part 3

Well last week was really busy with the boys and, as we were pretty bushed, we were delighted that Sarah was able to stay at home on Friday. We packed our things and headed up to Connecticut again. Poor old Shay and Marta must be getting sick to death of us but bless ’em if they are they hide it well. We were made to feel as welcome on our third visit as much as the earlier ones. Great friends eh.

Friday was a blistering day – probably the hottest we’ve had since arriving – with temps in the 90’s.  Walking to the station seemed like a good idea but we were pretty sticky by the time we got there. Fortunately the air con on the trains here is first class and we soon cooled down and enjoyed the ride – it’s quite a scenic ride once you leave Harlem of course.  We arrived early afternoon and Shay met us and we sped back to their place where Marta had prepared us a lovely lunch of shrimp tacos with fruit salsa.  If you’re thinking umm that sounds nice, it bloody was! And pretty as a picture – have a look…

The afternoon was lazily spent enjoying the sunshine. One topic of conversation was the town of Branford’s amazing fire station (or palace as Shay described it).  It was designed with two massive sweeping wings as you can see here…

I asked Shay how many hundreds of fires they dealt with each year.  About 2 said Shay. Wow I declared; 200 hundred fires per annum is a lot. No, said Shay, it’s usually 2 in total. In other words very very few. But boy do they know how to house their under-utilised fire-fighters and equipment in style.  This place was almost as big as Sam Allardyce’s holiday villa.

And so to Friday night and we headed out to a nice little Thai restaurant in Branford called I-Thai. It seemed an overly simple name which would have been immeasurably improved IMHO if they’d added the prefix I-tiddley.  But what do I know? Anyway it was a lovely meal, reasonably priced and well worth a visit.

Saturday dawned not quite as nice as Friday which was actually a bit of a blessing. How so? Well Marta had a training session at her rowing club which is naturally a little more comfortable when it’s cool.  And I’d agreed to help Shay in the garden as a small gesture towards repaying the hospitality debt. We spent getting on for 3 hours cutting both lawns, mulching the beds, digging out some very wiry ivy and generally clearing away lots of stray leaves and seed deposits from the many surrounding trees. Our backs paid for it later but it was great to be out in the garden again and boy does the guys’ place look great at this time of year…

You won’t be surprised to learn we had a few slugs of cool white nectar to follow and were later joined by the lads Matt and Nicky for a fab bbq delivered by Shay (on the burners) with some of the best rib-eye steak I’ve ever eaten. Just great. And some great beer chat later too. Proper blokes day.

We left early next morning for a special reason but thanks again guys for a super, fun, re-charging week-end.  Next time we head to Branford, the boys are scheduled to come too.  Be prepared Connecticut





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