Birthday girl

So this time of year is birthday alley for us. Just a few weeks ago it was super daughter Emma’s and today it is fab Becksy’s. And last week it was brill grandson Georgie’s.  It’s hard to be away and miss family events like that. But we were around for lovely daughter Sarah’s birthday last week-end.

Except we were actually at S&M’s place on the Saturday of Sarah’s actual birthday. To celebrate the first part she took a very excited eldest son Elliott to see Lion King on Broadway…

Apparently they had a blast though the little fellas had had enough by the interval and they watched the remainder of the show from a screen  in the quieter foyer area along with other mums and kids who too were a little intimidated by the loudness of the production.

Anyway we headed back to the city early Sunday morning as Sarah was having a birthday brunch celebration with Ian, the boys, us and her work colleagues (and one of the girl’s boyfriend, mum and step-dad who were here visiting their daughter Hayley), along with old friends Luca and Ana and their two great kids. Quite a gathering.

I think I’ve said before that brunch out is a big thing here in NYC and we went to a very cool place called Row House down on Frederick Douglass.

The place was packed and it was clear why; the venue was stylish, there was a sassy jazz band playing, the waitresses were great, the atmosphere (or ambience as Carol’s friend Helen would describe it) was friendly and lively and the meal was tasty and very reasonable. I had a huge burger (I was starving) and Carol had crab cakes with eggs benedict which looked and tasted great.

We had a blast and so enjoyed celebrating lovely Sarah’s birthday (at least we did it with one of our super daughters) as you can see below…

Great day with you Sars, ly.

Little postscript – just spoken to Becksy and Ems who were heading up to Emma and Stephen’s for the week-end having just had a girlie birthday brunch themselves….

Ahh ly too guys.




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