So yesterday it threw it down all day. I got soaked taking the little fella for his morning walk though he had the rain cover on his buggy which kept him dry thank goodness.  We weren’t desperate to go out in it again but Elliott was very keen to make another visit to the Children’s Museum down on 83rd st and it was forecast to ease off a bit so we thought we’d take a chance.

Big mistake. We got soaked walking down to the bus stop and huddling in the bank doorway waiting for the M7 bus. Still the lads were well covered up and we had a nice long bus ride to dry off. I have to say the boys just love using the public transport here – and they always attract a conversation from the locals. There’s nothing like providing the cabaret show for the MTA.

We had a fun couple of hours in the CMOM as you can see below and another amusing journey home.  Fortunately the downpour had been downgraded to light drizzle by the time we headed home, preventing another soaking. If the weather doesn’t hurry up and change soon we’re going to have to rely on a British summer to cheer us up.  Now there’s a thought! Anyway some pix of the boys from yesterday…



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