A bridge too phwoar

So today I ticked off one of the things on my bucket list and we headed downtown to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve viewed this iconic structure from below on both sides of the river, admired it whilst eating at the River Cafe restaurant, crossed it by car and taxi several times and taken umpteen shots of it from the water. But today we traipsed across it for the very first time. It’s kind of de rigueur if you’re spending any serious time in the city and we were so pleased that half of NY turned out too to join us on the walk.

It was bloody packed. And the sodding cyclists are a bloody nuisance/danger. Why they don’t put a fence in to separate the walking and cycling lanes I’ll never know. Never mind it was a great experience. Thought you might to see some of the shots we took…

First up some of the fab buildings near to Fulton St station where we got off the subway…this was the stunning view of the new World Trade Centre building which greeted us as we stepped out of the station…

Then the old Woolworth building which is rather nice…

And I rather like this newish apartment block by Frank Gehry which I think is the largest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. It’s a positive statement of re-generation after 9/11…

Anyway so to the bridge; it’s just a marvellous engineering achievement. I never get sick of seeing it and reading about its construction challenges. But enough of the history, here are a few shots taken during the walk…

That’s proper river water 100ft beneath my Converse pumps (and me feeling a bit nauseous looking down).  Better look up instead…

We’re home now and chilling with some cool crisp wine – it is the Memorial Day holiday week-end after all.



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