Saturday stroll

Well I thought I’d do another walkabout-type posting like yesterday’s as Carol and I did a bit of wandering today.  Poulton Wanderers. You might have to be a Lancastrian to get that.

First up we headed over to Morningside Park – it’s just a lovely stroll through there. En route we passed the cool red motor bike I saw yesterday…

The owner had a parcel strapped to the back seat with a name written on it. Your name? I cheekily asked him. Yup. Surname? Yup. Well funnily enough Leonard happens to be my name too, I said. He laughed  heartily and added ‘hey we’re cuzzins’.  Now it’s not really funny at all until you appreciate that he was ebony to my ivory.  I gave him my best Cool Hand Luke smile and we did a hand thingy and departed, bro’s albeit distantly.

I digress as ever. Towards the southern end of the park is a little square where there’s a replica of the bronze statue of George Washington and Lafayette exchanging the French and American flags celebrating the success of the Revolution…

Interfering frigging French. But that’s history and, as Basil Fawlty suggested to his long term guest about the Germans, ‘forgive and forget eh Major’. Back to the statue; the replica was bought for the good citizens of Morningside by a department store magnate as he was so fond of the original by the renowned French sculpture Bartholdi, who was rather famous for another NY sculpture. Can you guess which? Only the Statue of Liberty. I guess you’ve got to hold your hands up to the French for that one.

So from there it was a short stroll across this lovely park to the many steps leading up to the dizzying Morningside  Heights. Here’s a shot from half-way up and the eagle-eyed amongst you may just be able to spot Carol sitting out the climb on one of the park benches way below…

At the top it was a short walk to the magnificent Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, which often gets over-shadowed by its more illustrious cuzzin St Patrick’s cathedral. But I don’t know why because it’s the largest Anglican Church in the world (Liverpool Cathedral may dispute this) and the 4th largest church overall. It’s a beast. And it’s still in the course of completion and renovation so it’s often referred to, tongue-in-cheek, as St John the Unfinished. New Yorkers eh. It’s a great place housing the lovely Barberini Tapestries. Here are some shots…

After I went back down the 39+ steps and collected Carol we headed over to Freddy Douglass blvd. We were looking for a place for lunch and happened upon a lively looking place called Bier. They had a really decent brunch menu and had several screens showing the Cup Final. Most of the crowd were Arsenal supporters and in a happy mood as the Gooners were winning. We had a smashing meal of crab cakes and eggs benedict and huge steak burger and fries and a few beers as we watched Arsenal go on to win. Joyous scenes in the bar…

If truth be told I didn’t want either side to win but it probably means the Wenger stays another 2 seasons at the Emirates which is fine for any ManU fan.

After the match we headed down to the subway on 110 st to catch the train downtown. Carol wanted some new things and we headed to Macy’s, which really is a monster of a store. I faffed around whilst Carol got on with her shopping and took this shot of the nearby Empire State Building. It’s not pretty but it’s such an iconic building…

We didn’t realise it but Sarah was in the area with the two boys buying a new stroller. We caught up with everyone later at home and had some fab pizzas. A lazy evening suited us just fine.




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