American quirkiness; drugs

No I’m not talking about wacky baccy, though there is an awful lot of it knocking around given the exotic aromas which constantly fill the Harlem air. Instead I’m focusing on prescription drugs and medicines and boy do they like their pills here.

Pop into any pharmacy or drug store and the choice of drugs is amazing. It’d give you a headache just trying to decide which brand of headache relief is best for you. There are hundreds to choose from. And every commercial break on tv and radio seems to contain at least one ad for a new drug. The format is always the same; the first few seconds show a person frowning or looking sad from the effects of their condition and then the drug’s name is mentioned and all of a sudden you see the same person laughing with a cuddle from a loved one or smiling happily as they bound up a hillside or dancing away without a care in the word. All thanks to wonder drug Anthraxthelotofya. There then follows about a minute’s worth of obligatory warnings about who shouldn’t take the drug (usually people with two legs who breathe normally) and its many side-effects, which are often so much more ghastly than the original condition. These are just a few of the drugs being advertised currently…

Xarelto which treats and helps prevent blood clots/deep vein thrombosis etc. Basically it’s an anti-coagulant.  People who must not take it – anyone who’s pregnant or breastfeeding or people who take part in rough sports or folks who brush/floss their teeth energetically or blow their nose hard (it’s true).  Possible side-effects include an increased risk of bleeding, nerve damage, higher risk of stroke, itching or hives, swelling in the hands, face or mouth, chest tightness, blistering or skin rashes, reduced ability to urinate, heavier menstual or vagnal bleeding, red or brown urine and bloody or black tarry stools.  I think I’ll take my chances with DVT thanks doc.

Next up Otezla a drug to help treat psoriasis. Possible side-effects; likely depression and increased feelings of suicide! Also significant loss of body weight, nausea, upper respiratory tract infections, tension headaches and diarrhoea. Sounds fun, yes?

A similar-functioning drug now called Stelara which also treats severe psoriasis. Side effects here include increased risk of infections, tuberculosis and viruses. More than that your compromised immune system could result in a far higher risk of cancer. Been there, don’t fancy taking it on again to be honest.

I’ve got loads of stuff like this on a host of other drugs. I know it’s just the drugs companies trying to prevent litigation by being open and honest but seriously would you want to give some of these medicines a try knowing this? No me neither. Mind you one day after receiving the first lot of chemotherapy drugs I ended up in hospital having had a a massive adverse reaction to one of the buggers. It had the same effect on me as having the aorta strangled. Odds of this happening – 1000/1. Nobody told me about the possible side-effect so maybe these Americans have the right idea, eh.










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