Hey hello L&S

So yesterday we were visited by friends we’ve known almost as long as S&M.  Only Lawrie and Sheila, our cross-the-road neighbours back when we lived in Wood Green and where our 5 combined daughters all were raised in the late 70’s early 80’s. We’ve been BFF ever since.

Sheila has family over here and they make it over every few years. This time we are part of the visit schedule which is just really fine. Sadly L&S brought some weather over from the UK – well Ikley Moor. It was cold and drizzly again yesterday. What is wrong with the weather here?

No worries; we had a lovely couple of hours over lunch then walking through our favourite park, Morningside. Sadly I took no photos – God knows why. I think the boys were distracting me, well at least the little fellah. We checked out the playground, the lake and the terrapins, the big climbing rock and the views of Columbia University.

Sadly they had to leave fairly early to catch up with Sheila’s niece but hopefully we’ll catch up again before they leave in 2 week’s time. Mind you we only have 3 weeks here ourselves before we catch the big  Virgin bird back to the UK. Where does time go eh?  Our time in NYC is drawing to a close.  So much to see and do and time running out. Never mind yesterday was about our old friends and they looked great and, wey hey, they only brought us some HP sauce and proper tea bags and tons of Cadbury’s chocolate. Bless ’em.  Happy days and great friends. Welcome to the Big Apple L&S.




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