Bloody nuisance

So earlier this week our neighbours upstairs took delivery of a new air conditioning unit. However it was so big it had to be left in the hallway for over 2 days until they could get 3 or 4 guys to lift it up the stairs.  We could squeeze past it but we couldn’t get the stroller past it unless it was folded up or lifted above the 5 ft high unit.

Now this was alright (and the people left a very polite and apologetic note on the unit) but it meant we couldn’t get the stroller past it with a sleeping Noah on board. Everyday I take the little fellah for his (my) morning walk as we head to Best Market for our daily shopping in the expectation (hope) that he drops off for his late-morning sleep. Now Noah is the most lovely boy who we adore deeply but experience tells us he desperately needs this sleep otherwise he turns into little Beelzebub by mid-afternoon.

Everyday we walk (I walk; he sits) until he falls asleep and then it’s a question of returning home then hoiking – in a single movement – him, the stroller and the bags of shopping up the 15 steps of the stoop, through two doors then up the 20 stair treads up to our apartment door. Gently too of course because he is a light sleeper. By the time we land through the door the veins in my arms are pumped up like Popeye on steroids. But it’s worth it as we can get him transferred to his bed for a proper sleep, allowing us to get a load of work done.

However with this air-con unit blocking the hallway I was able to get him up the stoop but then it was necessary to unload the shopping, gather up the fast asleep Noah, leave the stroller and shopping downstairs whilst I squirmed past the big ugly metal unit and headed up the stairs with Noah nuzzled in.  The first day it was pouring down outside and he woke up with his little face against my wet coat. He didn’t go to sleep again and was a bloody pickle all afternoon.  The second day we did the same routine and I accidentally bumped his leg against the unit squeezing past it which woke him up again after only 10 minutes sleep. I crossed the workmen installing the unit on the stairs and they promised it would disappear by the end of the day.  I offered them some friendly words in my best Anglo-Saxon concluding with bloody nuisance.  The first word wasn’t bloody btw.

So with both boys up we had an early lunch and as the weather wasn’t too bad for a change we headed for the subway (squeezing boys, bags and buggy past the still-there unit) as we headed down to south Manhattan to take the boys on the Staten Island ferry. It seemed only fair as Noah had missed the Thimble Islands trip, sleeping. Ironically.

Sadly he didn’t sleep on the train trip, nor did he sleep waiting for the ferry and neither did he sleep on the trip over. Fair enough as both boys were very excited to see the sights including the big green lady with the pointed crown…

He didn’t sleep either as we waited in the terminus for the return trip though the ice-cream went down well, at least with big bro’ Elliott…

And he didn’t sleep on the return journey despite grandad’s best rocking technique…

If anything Elliott was the sleepier of the two. And so we boarded the train back home during rush hour. I don’t know if you’ve ever caught the NYC subway during the evening rush hour but it’s as well-mannered as the crowd at a Millwall v West Ham match.  And they appreciated a toddler in a stroller in the middle of the carriage about as much as a Great Dane’s pooh pile. And it was at this point that Noah’s tiredness caught up with him and he turned into…

I’ll spare you the details but I’ve had less trouble wrestling menstruating alligators.

We got home  eventually to find the ‘bloody nuisance’ had been removed.  Just as well as I might have picked it up and inserted into my neighbour’s ventilation passage, widthways.

You’ll be pleased to learn that normal sleep patterns have been established as I write and little Noah has been an absolute angel today. It’s been a longish week but hey tomorrow is Saturday. Thank you baby Jesus.



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