Easy does it

So today was very much a rest day for us, kind of. We’d had a very nice invitation to head out to Long Island again but we’ve done so much week-end travelling recently we just fancied a break plus we had some things to do that we’d been missing/putting off. It was time to catch up on things.

First up it was a volunteers planting day over at Marcus Garvey Park with the MGP association I’d joined up and have been helping a little bit over the last few weeks. I’d missed the last planting days and was determined to honour my commitment to help out before we head back to the UK. And so this morning I was able to join around a dozen other people and get some more plants, which fab Connie the President of the MGPA had raised funding to purchase, embedded. Here are a few shots of the volunteers in action and the final shot is of the bit of the bed which I planted up. Delighted to have put something back into this great neighbourhood…

The next task on the to-do list was for Carol to get her hair done. She’d hoped to get it done whilst I was doing the gardening thing this morning but she couldn’t get an appointment until this evening. So between times we firstly headed off down to our local bar on Freddy Douglass Bvd and had another great brunch as we watched the second half of the Scotland v England match….

It was dull as ditchwater until the last 10 minutes when it turned into a thrilling goal fest with brilliant Harry Kane rescuing a 2-2 draw for England right at the death. The reaction of the Scotland manager Gordon Strachan was priceless.

After this we headed down to 14th st and the meat-packing district again as Carol wanted to check out some items in the cool store Anthropologie.  It was right next to the Chelsea Market which everyone has raved about and I had a look around whilst Carol was shopping…

I thought I might find some cool furniture or home accessories shops/stalls inside but it’s basically a huge food hall with thousands of people all gorging themselves. New Yorkers like their bloody food alright. I loved the building but didn’t really like all that frenzied consumption to be perfectly honest so went for a walk round to get a feel for the neighbourhood which is said to be NYC’s most exciting. Well they are certainly turning the old meat-packing warehouses into some cool residential and retail places but it’s all a bit like a theme park for me. I took myself into a quiet little bar for a glass of something cool and crisp as it was a really hot day. The bar was dark and interesting and a bit fuggy but pleasant enough…

I asked the smarmy bartender for a glass of dry white wine, a Sauvignon Blanc if possible. He poured me a small glass and it was Californian so a bit fruity but cool and not unpleasant.  Within a few minutes a couple of  guys sat down alongside me and ordered two cigars – ah that explained the fuggy atmosphere; it was a wine/cigar bar. The smoke was really off-putting (you forget how bad it was in pubs and bars before the cigarette ban in the UK) so I finished off my glass and asked for the bill. The smarm-meister plopped it in front of me. 16 dollars for the small glass of wine, 1 dollar 44 cents for the tax and a suggested minimum  tip of 2 dollars 88 cents. So 20 dollars for one small glass of average wine. New Yorkers have clearly more money than sense and I haven’t,  and I’m going to stop using these pretentious NY wine bars. Ridiculous.

So pissed off I went and collected Carol and we caught the subway up to 96 st where Carol got off to pop to the hairdressers whilst I headed home. Sarah, E and the lads are off visiting folks this afternoon so I had a glorious hour here all by myself sipping a glass of nicer cheaper SB. That’s been the best bit of our rest day!

Carol’s hair was great btw.




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