Well today’s been the hottest day of the year with temps in the 90’s. Phew. Sarah, E and the boys have been to visit some more friends – yesterday they visited people in Long Island City in Queens and also some folks in the Upper East area of Manhattan. We were actually in bed by the time they got back. They’re doing this as they are gathering as much info as possible before deciding on care/schooling arrangements for the boys and also to decide on where they’ll be living next. They’ve got some big decisions to make and we’ll be back in the UK of course.

Anyway Carol was keen to have a bit of a quiet rest and after doing a bit of research I thought I’d go and check out a place called Spuyten Duyvil. You know me I like to check out the unusual places slightly off the beaten track.  It’s a little neighbourhood right across the Harlem River from the very northern tip of Manhattan in SW Bronx. It’s where the narrow Harlem River meets the mighty Hudson River via a turbulent creek. It was named after a Dutch-American folkhero who famously died trying to swim the creek to warn his countrymen of an attack by the British. He attempted the swim ‘en spijt den Duyvil’ ie in spite of the devilish waters.

The point is it’s quite a dramatic viewpoint and I remember from years ago when we did the Circle Line tour and thought It would be a nice place to capture some stunning shots. So I caught the train to SD station and according to my guidebook headed up hill in very hot weather to try and find this particular viewing area in Shorefront Park, from which brilliant panoramic views were possible. Well after walking up down and around the whole area I came across an entrance to the park where workers were chopping back vegetation. One of the guys told me the park had been closed for some time following a deadly train crash some years ago just down below. And now it was overgrown and inaccessible. I had a look and he was right.

So I walked back down through the very pleasant neighbourhood to the train station located right on the shoreline and took a couple of shots from there of the river and the Hudson Expressway bridge but sadly no real view of the Hudson River…

The mighty Hudson is just beyond that Amtrak bridge inn the second shot. Never mind I got back on the train and had only just set off when the Cirfcle Line boat came passing by. It might have made a decent photo in itself and enabled me to square the logical circle of the reason for the visit.  But I’d just missed it.

Hey ho. Some days my cheeky visitor luck just isn’t in.



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