Well after weeks of me moaning about the weather, it’s not only turned  hot it’s turned bloody sweltering. Yesterday temps hit record levels and today they were forecast to rise to new record heights of 97 degrees F. Now that is probably as hot as I’ve ever faced.  Phew!

Of course we’ve had the air-conditioning on non-stop since the heat-wave hit. Then this morning I woke up with lower back aches like I had when I was hospitalised with pleurisy in Italy last year. Oh lord. The doctors then told me to avoid air-con for a while as it might re-trigger the condition. I never thought that would mean 10 months later. Such are the joys of having an immune system twotted by chemotherapy.

Anyway it’s a pain for all concerned but we have switched the chiller off to see if I can get over it quickly before the bloody condition gets hold again. I’ll never have insurance cover for a pre-existing condition. I’ll keep you posted on developments. Meantime it’s very warm in the apartment …

I took the little fellah off for his morning walk and shopping as usual. More big air-conditioning equipment has found its way into the hallway. They must be creating the world’s largest cold room up there. We stumbled past it on the way out and the lads said it’d all go upstairs  today. We’ll see.

I don’t think these temps suit him because as with yesterday he has simply resisted going to sleep.  And from earlier postings you know he turns into our own Spuyten Duyvil without it but what can you do? We went for a long walk down Freddy Douglass then back here then over to Marcus Garvey park and all round there. Finally we had a good mooch around the area between where we live and the park, it’s called Mt Morris and is an historic part of Harlem. It contains some fine examples of really early handsome brownstones which were home to Harlem’s very own middle classes – doctors, ministers, lecturers etc. Plus it is home to some of the areas’s biggest and most popular churches. Here are some shots of  the buildings and the last one of one of the leading local pastors doing televised links from the patio area of his church this morning…

Next a shot of a guy who’s been renewing the plaster-work on the stoop of a brownstone in the area. I’ve been watching him for nearly a week now, chipping off the old plaster, getting back to stone/brick, applying lower coats of plaster before the final brown plaster is added and smoothed.  We’ve become quite good mates …

Then this afternoon we took the lads over to Morningside Park; it was blistering on the walk over there but the sprinklers were on in the park and the boys got soaked but loved it, especially Elliott who once again made several friends….

Speaking of water sprinklers here’s a view from outside our apartment this very morning with water hydrant spewing out and local cops struggling to sort out the problem.  Classic NYC summer shot….

That place across the road is something else. The other night when the guys arrived home after we’d gone to bed there were, apparently, numerous squad cars and ambulances parked up with people disgorging from the building in various states of undress. And we missed it all. Quiet street this ain’t!

Oh almost a postscript, we took the boys out in the stroller and the buggy as we figured they’d both be bushed on the way home. We got home around 4.50pm, all hot, wet and bothered, to find the air-con equipment still in the hallway necessitating an obstacle course with tired boys up the 39 steps. The owners’ son appeared on the hallway and we had one of those full and frank conversations about inconsiderateness. Upshot was that the hallway was cleared inside 10 minutes. And I hardly used any Anglo-Saxon. Just thoroughly pissed off Lanc-Londonese. One of my specialities.  I left a note of appreciation on the stairs just to show I’m not a grumpy old twot, well not completely.





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