Can I kiss your bum Mr President?

Well it must be time for another posting about the amazing world of Trumpland. Living in dysfunctional political times is something we’re getting used to on both sides of the Atlantic. But this week we’ve had some really bizarre stuff here and I don’t know how much of it you might get over in the UK. So in case you’ve missed it, here goes…

First up the first full cabinet meeting under Prezzie Trump which stated off with him declaring what a magnificent leader he’d been since taking office, achieving more than any other President living or dead other than perhaps the great FDR. Modesty isn’t his strong suit. But then we had this incredible puke-inducing spectacle of his cabinet members fawning on him and declaring how privileged and honoured they were to serve under such a great, if not the greatest, leader. Have a look if you can bear it.

But first it was the turn of Jeff Sessions ┬áthe Attorney General no less of the USA to sit before an important Senate Committee to testify about his role in the Russia probe. It’s mind-boggling just how acute his memory recall is. He’d make a perfect panellist on Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. These two vids encapsulate what a comic book regime we live under right now.




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