Busy day

So yesterday didn’t get away too well as you’ve just read but in fact it was a really inauspicious start with us waking up at 6am to heavy drizzle. This, of course, following the record temps the day before. I told you that weather-wise  it’s just been bonkers in Yonkers.

But by mid-day the weather had improved even if my mood hadn’t. After a nice lunch with the boys we decided to take them out for a trip somewhere as the weather was noticeably cooler and more pleasant and we hoped the little fellah’s sleeplessness wouldn’t catch up with him too soon. Umm. We decided a trip to the zoo would be fun. Well it was until we checked out the prices for the Bronx Zoo. Even with the little fellah getting in free and both of us claiming senior citizens rate (yeh all right) it was still going to cost around 100 bucks to get in. Then you couple add on another 75 bucks for train fares, refreshments, gift shop etc. I know I must be sounding like the cheapest tightwad of all time but surely that’s a ridiculous price for grandparents to be charged to take their under school age grandkids to a bloody zoo.

So we checked out Central Park zoo and it cost us almost a third of the price with a smashing bus ride down 5th Ave thrown in. The zoo was compact but had some great animals like Grizzlies and snow leopards in excellent enclosures and a brilliant children’s section which the boys loved. We thought it was intelligently laid out and really accessible and not too crowded. Great value. Here are some shots of the boys loving it….

A late afternoon treat of ice lollies from grandad served to do three things; cool them down, cover them in horrid blue and red dribbles which couldn’t be wiped off and pumped the little fellah full of E numbers. He was great for about 20 minutes of the 35 minute bus journey home, then

…turned up again. I love him really I do.

We got home and quickly bathed and fed the boys and they were zonked. Mind young as soon as mum & dad arrived home I cut loose and headed upstairs for a shower, quickly followed by Carol. Because last night we went out for dinner with our good friends Lawrie & Sheila and their lovely (grown up) nieces Violet and Karen. Sarah joined us too. We went to Row House again which you may recall was where we had brunch to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. I have to say it’s livelier at brunch than dinner time but the company and the food were great and we had a blast. So nice to relax with more old friends. Some pics….

Now a couple of points. Lawrie and the girls came up from Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens and they still got there before us to a restaurant two blocks away from us. Unbelievable but true. Second point Sheila air-dropped me the pics she took when the guys came up to see us a week or so ago, you may recall I mentioned and regretted that I hadn’t taken any pics of their visit. Well here I am with the 2 boys and Lawrie at the little lake in Morningside Park. In case you can’t tell me from Adam I’m the one auditioning for Men in Black whilst everyone else is sporting a dazzlingly coloured rain coat. I’m thinking about getting one (in black)….

Final thought , you can tell why the neighbours call us the Converse kids. Bloody cheek. I’m v proud to wear the same shoes as my lads, though a touch bigger….




2 thoughts on “Busy day

  1. Hi Paul we really enjoyed meeting with you carol and Sarah. It’a nice restaurant -best spare ribs I’ve had!
    Hope you’re feeling better and the medication is kicking in. Looks as if Abrahams may go to Hull now, according to reports today. I just hope we cough up the dough – nothing ventured and all that!
    Cheers and take care. Love to all, Lawrie g


  2. Hi Lol
    Thanks for message mate – we had a a smashing time catching up and I know Sarah enjoyed it too. Yep great ribs! I’m dosing up with the bloody huge anti-biotics I brought back from Italy. Shouldn’t do it but it seems to be keeping the pleurisy from getting hold, thankfully. Thanks for asking son. I thought you were referring to Andrew and Violet at first rather than Tammy ha! Anyway take care son and enjoy the rest of your hols. Love to all


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