American quirkiness; refreshment

We were at our great friends’ place again over the week-end (of which more later) and one of the things they’re into, like most Americans, is the drinking of cold or iced tea.  They were trying to convince us that the stuff is really refreshing especially in hot weather. Maybe, but I can’t over the fact it still looks  somebody’s pissed in a bottle and shalln’t be trying it any time soon.

But this just highlights the Amercian fondness for quirky refreshment drinks. Of course they’ve all got exotic sounding names like probiotic nourishment, muscle milk, anti-oxidant infusions, vitamin water, dandelion drive organic juice and so on. It’s bewildering and so typifies the tendency for faddism here. They can’t just drink a bottle of water. Have a look at the range of drinks available in our local store (there are hundreds more downstairs too – all the fruit juices etc)…

Amazing eh!



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