Another busy day

So last Friday was a doozy. It’s the last day of the week so we’re always a bit knackered come 6.30pm when Sarah and Ian get home. But we got a forewarning that a hurricane was about to land Friday evening with an advance image of Sarah, Ian and their two old pals from London, Sally and Toby, heading home in a cab after a couple of celebratory sherberts….

Sally has recently launched a new consultancy company called Ethos Farm with offices in London and New York and had earlier in the day secured some major backing for the operation, hence all the smiles. The guys landed and the evening started quietly enough with a bit of a play with the kids and a small glass or two….

But then Ian arrived home via a stop at the liquor store and judging from the bottles he unloaded onto the countertop, it was going to be a messy night.

We’ve known Sallly and Tobes for some time (in fact we were lucky enough to be invited to their wedding) and these guys know how to party. Anyway it was a fun night and good to see the guys again.  But by 10pm and having made dinner for 6, I was pooped and headed off to bed. A beaten man. Whatever happened to that party animal I used to be? Two small bundles of energy have taken their toll I think.

Next morning there were one or two sore heads though not mine happily and a bit of debris clearing and lots of glass washing needed. I’d missed some thrills and spills it seemed. Ha!

Anyway there’s a bit of a postscript to this story. Sally and Toby were also over here to attend a wedding up in Connecticut. Carol told Sal that we were heading up that way over the week-end too but we declined Sally’s very kind offer to join them in their hire car for a road trip upstate because, well, we figured the train would be quicker and it was looking like a very messy night in the offing.

So we caught the train on Saturday morning and had a great time with our friends Shay and Marta (again) as you’ll read in the next posting. But mid afternoon on the Sunday we received a message on FB that Sally & Toby had had a very long drive up there (!) though were now enjoying their stay in New England at a nice family-run B&B in Branford. Only the same little town where Marta and Shay live. Now what are the chances of that happening eh? Small world as they say.




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