New shoes

Well I wrote recently about the fun we had getting the boys some Converse boots. But I have to say the boys love them and wear them just about every day. However all the parks and play areas have the water sprinklers working for the kids to enjoy now that it’s hotted up and the boots aren’t that practical for splashing about in lots of water, It also means we have to get them thoroughly dried out for the boys once we get home.

Also the guys went to visit friends last week and whilst playing on a kids’ soft play area with a decked surround  (7 floors up!) the boys had their shoes off and got loads of tiny splinters in their feet.

So last week Sarah and Ian got the boys some rubber water splash shoes – a bit like crocs but cooler and the lads adore them. Keeping them away from a proper soaking is quite a task now. Anyway here they are modelling them when mum/dad got them out of the packaging. Noah has actually got Eliott’s second pair on in case you think he has clown’s feet!

Quite fancy a pair myself



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