American quirkiness; Blippi

Now we don’t have a cable tv service here but we’ve been using Shay’s laptop to hook up to the monitor (via casting!) to watch a lot of to stuff via Netflix etc. We’re even been able to let the kids watch YouTube stuff on the monitor set from our own laptops and the same casting technique. It’s a bit limited for adult watching but for youngsters it’s great – there’s even a dedicated YouTube Kids channel, which I’ve pretty much explored (or should that be endured?).

One of the surprising things you can’t help but notice is the amount of adults who produce home movies playing around with kids toys explaining how they function and everything. It’s a bloody film industry here and it’s all a bit creepy but the boys seem to like it all.

Now the undisputed king of the he-who-plays-with-toys video makers is a chap called Blippi. He is weird. But the boys love his quirkiness and infectious enthusiasm and silly dancing and wacky clothes and most of all his catchy little songs about excavators, back hoes, garbage trucks etc. I’ve attached one of his shorter vids (you don’t have to see it all the way through dear readers) but if you do you’ll probably see a little message at then end about subscribe to my channel, get my uploads, buy my merchandise and make me even richer than I am. It’s a f**king weird way to make a living IMHO (says the man who looks after two toddlers all day) but they say he’s wealthier than the Donald.  Hey, confeve Blippi!



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