Connecticut; the final journey

And so we got away on Saturday morning and headed to the Metro North station on 125th, via an uber cab (we were late and it was hot),  to catch the train up to Connecticut again for our final visit this stay.

We knew that Shay had already dropped Marta into Westport for her to  link up with her rowing buddies as they had a journey down to Philadelphia for a regatta meeting. Now we were dragging him out again two hours later to pick up us. And we had had no time to pick up any wine apart from two bottles of wine which Sarah and Ian sent up as a little thank you for their visit. He didn’t mind bless him.

Saturday afternoon was really lazy which suited us just fine. Carol actually went and had a mid-afternoon nap she was so jiggered. Shay and I just chilled with Harry Kane…

A couple of glasses of wine may have been taken too. Plenty of footie chat. Later we headed out for a beer at the Stony Creek brewery – a popular spot. I liked the beer though Shay didn’t particularly. He reckoned it didn’t help his street cred, dude…

So after we picked up a Thai takeaway and went back and had a great meal with Carol and son Matt. Marta arrived back quite late – pretty tired after a long day. I think her team did pretty well. We weren’t terribly late to bed.

Sunday started out really foggy and dank and overcast. It had poured down overnight and the raccoons had been around in the middle of the night after the bird feed causing Harry Kane to go nuts and damage a blind. Plenty of noise and commotion but I was oblivious to it all. I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well.

Shay delivered a lovely brunch which we enjoyed with the lads – Nicky had turned up overnight too (I really did miss all the action)…

We headed over to the Clinton outlet mall after lunch as Marta and Shay wanted to buy some pressies for our two grandsons Sammy and George back in the UK which was thoughtful of them. Carol did a bit of shopping too. By this point the clouds had all blown over and it was sunny and hot again. Bonkers weather.

Then it was time to say tarrah. These guys have put us up every other week since we’ve been here allowing us to chill and re-charge the batteries in the beautiful Connecticut countryside. They’ve spoilt us rotten in the process and we are so grateful to have such great friends and their lovely boys. Even Harry Kane seemed sad to see us go ha!

I bet he was thinking just the opposite…

Anyway we’ll catch up with the guys again in Europe next, hopefully in Italy in later summer. Can’t wait. Thanks again guys







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