Fathers’ Day

As well as being our final day at Marta and Shay’s Sunday was also Fathers’ Day of course. I’d had a lovely message from Emma and a telephone chat with Becksy which was great. Bless her she’d been trying to ring through from 5.30am!

I’d also called my father Bob and had a good chat with him. He sounded great and was on good form having got over his recent incidents. I look forward to seeing him once we return.

Then Sarah contacted us to wish me a happy day but also to suggest we should go out or something that evening, so we agreed to get home around 6pm so that it wouldn’t be too late for the boys to go out, should we do that.

Now Sarah and Ian were also having a an emotional farewell week-end of their own. They’d been to visit their friends Ana and Luca over in New Jersey. I’ve mentioned than in a very early posting but some back story may be helpful here. Sarah met Ana nearly 4 years ago whe they were attending NCT classes together with their first babies and they’ve been firm friends ever since. In fact the whole of that group have remained close. Elliot and Nina, the respective first babies, became very close which was lovely to see.

Everything was going smoothly in the friendship until Ana’s husband Luca received a job offer here in the States which was too good to turn down.So about 15 months ago they upped sticks and moved here firstly to a place in Long Island city then to a lovely family home in New Jersey. Sarah and Ian were able to rent out Ana and Luca’s beautiful former home in old Chiswick down by the river, an arrangement which suited everybody. Now you can imagine Sarah and Ian’s delight when news came through that they too would be moving here to New York so that the guys could all hook up again. So we all came over here, as you know, only for Luca to announce that he’d been offered a couldn’t-turn-down-job back in the UK. It’s a hectic life in your 30’s these days.

So Sarah and Ian went to say tarrah to the family again over the week-end and pick up some furniture items etc that Ana and Luca can’t take home.  The guys actually fly back today and we’ll miss them too, but not as much as Sarah (and Ian) of course. It’s a lot of change to handle especially as the guys’ support network is disappearing inside a week. Sarah and Ian will manage it though.

So we all arrived home shortly around 6.30pm. The plan was to head out to BVLD restaurant just around the corner which is always popular. However the boys were pretty bushed after a busy week-end of play so Sarah asked if we minded getting a take away. We didn’t of course and we tried a seafood place that we hadn’t used before. Well we ordered two lots of shrimp, one in a garlic sauce and the other in a light chillie dressing plus fries and things. We wondered if there’d be enough; we needn’t have as 3 lbs of shrimp turned up!

Unbelievable. I think if we stayed here any longer I’d ended up a Very Fat Bald Paul. Anyway it was absolutely delicious. Great meal. Thanks guys

FB Dad


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