Noisy neighbours

Well the work continues in the house. The new air-conditioning system is nearly installed upstairs although workmen are due to invade our balcony today to carry out cement and fixing work on the outside. Robin, our neighbour upstairs has been really nice and apologetic about all the mess and noise etc. She even popped down with some presents for the boys and some gifts for us and Sarah and Ian too. Very nice. I like her a lot.

The moany arses downstairs are also having a new system and the noise from their place during the day this last week or so has been unbelievable to be honest. Not one word of apology from them mind (at least to us). I think they’ve a nerve but there you go; it’s not me paying the rent. Then the other night they came up again as water was dripping down from our apartment into there’s. It seems that the air-conditioning unit in Sarah and Ian’s bedroom has just started leaking. Hey ho.  It’s legitimate to be concerned of course. So old moany arse was up chatting/moaning to Ian about it the other night. Not a word to us though. No acknowledgement of the noise problems, even less an apology. Not even hello how are you. Ignorant. Don’t like them.

The landlord came round yesterday to have a look and he’s coming back today with an engineer to get it sorted. Fair enough. So we’re hosting workmen upstairs, on our balcony, in the bedroom and downstairs. At some point we need to do some shopping and take the boys to the park. Should be a fun day. I’ll keep you posted of course.



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