Grown-up TV viewing

Ok so now you know I’ve been watching lots of kids stuff on YouTube alongside the boys. So when the lads go to bed and we’ve had some dinner it’s time to relax on the couch with a glass of something very cool and some more grown up fare. And whilst Carol and Ian aren’t really that fussed about watching tv here, Sarah and I are big fans. Mind you we don’t watch anytime too dramatic or heavy or taxing. It’s sharp US comedy all the way for us. Well at least until we crash asleep.

First up we binge-watched loads of 30 Rock starring the brilliant Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin (who has subsequently perfected wicked impersonations of the Donald). I missed the series when it was on in the UK but have grown to like it. Then Sarah got me into a gentler girlies comedy show called Grace and Frankie. It’s a preposterous story line to be honest; two old girls in their 70’s played by the still beautiful Jane Fonda and the still batty Lily Tomlin find themselves living together for companionship when their husbands fall in love and move in together. The ladies make a decent living from the proceeds of a vaginal lubrication they develop to help ladies in their 70’s stay, well, thingy.  You don’t get plot lines like that on Only Fools and Horses.

Anyway it’s well-acted and nicely written and we like it.

But my favourite programme is an early morning tv show called Morning Joe – a no holds barred political discussion hosted each morning by Joe Scarborough a former Republican Representative, his partner Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist. The show attracts a wide circle of guests from newsmakers, politicians, journalists and influencers. Mika is the daughter of  Zbigniew Brzezinski a former National Security Advisor and a real heavyweight on the political scene (who died only a week or so ago). So the show has brilliant connections politically and boy do they get great guests on to discuss  and comment on the big political news stories of the day. And you’ll never guess what the big topic of conversation has been each day since we’ve been here.

Yep you’re right the Donald or more specifically what a buffoon like him is doing in the White House. It’s great stuff because they analyse everything quite scrupulously and forensically but always come to the conclusion that Homer Simpson would have done a more accomplished job of heading up the most powerful nation on earth than the Trumpmeister.

Watching them dissect What Donald Did Next is just about the funniest thing on TV except it’s not really meant to be is it? Still I’m going to miss it when we leave and have to return to watching Andrew Neil, or as I like to think of him, Gene Hackman’s less-talented ugly brother. With a Brillo pad on his head.




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