Day of days

So yesterday was a lulu. It was baking hot and humid and the air con in the apartment isn’t that great to be honest. The boys were pretty good all day bless ’em despite the heat. I took Noah for his mid-morning stroll/shopping and he fell fast asleep before we’d even reached Best Market. I got him home and up the million steps/stairs only two find the workmen had arrived to work on our balcony, knocking huge chunks of concrete out. So as Noah’s bedroom was directly underneath the noise we lay him asleep on the sofa, where he crashed for a good hour or so.

Fortunately the workmen installing the new air con downstairs weren’t  drilling and hammering too much so he slept ok. The workmen on the roof were having a heavy noise day but saved it for the afternoon largely.

So workmen beneath us, to the side of us and above us. Then came a knock on the door; it was the guys to repair the leaking air con unit in Sarah’s bedroom. That were around for a good hour or so and did a bit of a repair job on it but it seemed to work ok. Although I had to ask them to put the air filter back on which they’d left off. They thought it was something for the bedroom. Sigh. How long it’ll last I don’t know and don’t care really.

Carol had gone off for an hour to do some present shopping for Becksy and was glad to get out for a spell but returned home all hot and bothered. It wasn’t a day for mooching around. The sounds from upstairs on the balcony had ceased so I went up to look how things were going. The idiots had left the balcony door and our bedroom doors open so all the dust and grit and shit had blown in. Sigh. An hours’ hoovering and sweeping later it was clean again. Though I was all hot and bothered by then. Big sign left on the door for them to keep the frigging things closed whilst they worked on the demolition/cementing up. Dust, crap, noise everywhere. Did somebody hire Mr O’Reilly, the builder from Fawlty Towers?

Elliott meanwhile had been as good as gold. His mummy had ordered some new toys for the boys via Amazon – a police car for Noah and a large back hoe for Eliott. We call them JCBs in UK but back hoe is the term used by Blippi and that’s what he was desperate for. There’d been some problem with the delivery because this was the third day we’d been waiting for its arrival.

A package had arrived for me the day previously but it was a surprise gift for me from Sarah (and Ian) for Father’s Day – a new kagoule type jacket I’d been looking to buy myself to replace the heavy rain coat I’d brought over (and was too warm here because of the humidity).  I loved it. Delight for me but much disappointment for the boys of course.

Then a number of boxes were delivered into the hallway. Yeh this had to be the boys’ things….

We opened them all but it was some educational items, some shoes for Carol she’s been eager to get for ages and something else for Sarah.  I can’t describe the look of disappointment on the boys faces. So I looked at Carol and she suggested I took the boys to the shops to get them some vehicles to keep them thrilled until the packages turn up as it was now beginning to look like a next day delivery with the lads’ things.

So off  I toddled with the boys to Marshalls.  It was getting late afternoon but still scorchio. The lifts in Marshalls weren’t working -bugger but up we went to the top floor to the toys area and we quickly settled on two big items which they were overjoyed about. Down again to the payment area, long queue as always. Sigh. But eventually we departed and headed home via the liquor store for some pain killer for grandad (Sauvignon Blanc of course).

We hooked everything up the stoop, opened the door and there in the hallway was another parcel from Amazon addressed to Sarah. This had to be it. We got everything upstairs – this was now turning into a logistical exercise – opened the big box and….

there they were a police car for grandad to assemble (thank you Sars) and a mechanised back hoe for Elliott which he just loved. We got everything organised into sections – the construction toys, the police vehicles, the garbage fleet, the fire department…

The boys had a blast for the remainder of the afternoon…

We even filmed Elliott doing his impersonation of Blippi explaining how the back hoe works and stuck it on YouTube for mum and dad too view later. He loved his first appearance on tv.

The presents we bought? Completely forgotten ha! We popped them in the cupboard unopened. We’ll get them out for the boys again before we leave of course.

So that was our day yesterday. The pain killer was taken gratefully last night…..






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