Running low

Well this morning for the first time since we’ve been here I didn’t get up around 6am and actually slept in till gone 9am. Carol bless her got up and did the breakfast routine et al. I think it’s a sign that tiredness is setting in and energy levels are running low.

Our time here is coming to a close and there are reminders all the time now. Yesterday morning we met Shireiny, the girl who Sarah’s appointed to look after the boys now, for the first time. She spent a couple for hours here as we took her through the daily routines etc. She seems a bright and enthusiastic girl so fingers crossed she’s going to be good with the boys. She’s heading here later this afternoon for an other couple of hours getting used to the boys, getting them dinner etc.  It’s suddenly dawned on us that today is our last day looking after the lads.

Yesterday afternoon we headed in to town to catch up with Shay who was delivering a gift for us for one of our other grandsons back in the UK. It’s been hand-made by Nicky his super son who’s a skilled glass blower and we love it. I had a couple of final beers with Shay and it was a bit emotional in a blokey way. I’ll miss the old fellah (and Marta of course). Here’s a shot of the boys as we waited to meet Shay at Grand Central Station (love that place)…

I carried the little fellah all the way home as he was absolutely bushed. Popeye would envy my arms.

Then we got a lovely message from our dear friends Lawrie and Sheila to say they’re heading back to the UK today and we must all catch up once we’re all returned. It literally only seems like yesterday since they arrived.

And last night the fun continued as we had Carol’s nephew Casey and his stepson Zak over for dinner.

They are on a whistle stop tour of the USA and Canada and having a few days in NYC. I’m not sure they like it that much to be honest – a bit too noisy and brash I think. Anyway we had a nice catch up though it was getting on for 10pm by the time we got sat down to relax. Long day.

The final reminder that our time here is almost over is that we are down to final sachets of all our pills etc and have been ordering some new supplies today for when we return. I’m also down to some of the last bits of all the toiletries I brought here as I figured stuff might be expensive – and boy is it. Obviously I’ve had to replenish some things but I’ll be a little bit sad when the last bit of shaving foam runs out probably tomorrow/Sunday from all those bloody cans I lugged over here. My estimates of how much I’d use were clearly bang on.

I even said tarrah this morning to the security guy in my favourite store, Best Market, who’s been welcoming me and Noah every morning with a huge smile and handshake thingies.

Blimey I’m starting to get all sentimental. I’d better stop before I start gushing. There’ll be more reflective stuff before we go. Now It’s time to take the boys out for one last walk to the park. Would you believe it it’s started raining. Ha! Another reminder that the UK’s calling us home.





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