So last night Sarah treated Carol and I to a fantastic meal, We were going to go down to a cool place that Sarah knows in Williamsburrg but it was heck of a journey and we’d all had a nicely tiring day so we decided to go to a little bistro restaurant round the corner called BLVD. It offers ‘soul’ food and is always busy and we’ve been itching to try it since we’ve  been here. And last night we did. And it was great.

On the walk down we passed these cool motorbikes which I quite fancy having a go on…

The restaurant is quite small inside and we were there early so it wasn’t too busy….

A couple of shots of the girls tucking in…

And so to the food. We had some lovely tasting warm corn bread as a starter and then we shared some shrimps (can’t resist them) on a polenta base which was yummy and then a huge pork chop on a bed of beans in a lovely sauce. The waitress told us the chop was large and could be shared and she was right. It must have been 5” deep – enormous…

And we washed it all down with a couple of bottles of lovely Pinot Grigio. Fab meal; thank you Sars ly




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