Sandy Hook

So yesterday was a glorious day and as it was our last whole day with all the family we decided to have a bit of a blast and go the beach. The girls picked a little island off the Jersey coastline called Sandy Hook as our destination. It took a bit of getting there but proved to be an inspired choice.

First up the A train down to the bottom of Manhattan, including a bit of a walk. We just made the ferry. It was a bit more expensive than we thought (shocking Manhattan news)  but the ferry was actually one of these hydrofoils and it went like the wind. Fabulous boat. The trip took about 45 minutes and took us under the fabulous Verrazano Bridge linking lower Brooklyn and Staten Island which effectively stands as the entrance to New York harbour.

We were delighted to land on this little slither of sand which is an old army base and nature reserve now. We were met by school bus shuttle service which the boys loved and taken directly to a family-oriented beach. Great service. The boys absolutely loved splashing about in the sea and playing in the sand and got completely cacked up of course but a change of clothes later looked as smart as ever.

The boat we intended to catch back was overbooked so the company laid on another super boat to catty the overflow passengers. It meant an extra 20 minutes wait but the weather was lovely and it didn’t matter a bit. We were all a bit tired when we got back well after 8pm but We’re revived by some steaks for dinner and some cool refreshment. Aahh. Here are some photo memories of a great day..



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