Last trip

Well our last day here and we spent the morning washing, ironing and packing etc. But it was another lovely day so after lunch we headed out to a new park Sarah and Ian had found as they were house-hunting up on the Upper East side.

It’s a new part of Manhattan to us and I can best describe the area’s demographic as retired affluent Jewish business people who are attracted by the quietness and nice large apartments at an affordable price because the area’s not served by subways. So the area doesn’t appeal massively to busy Manhattanites because they cannot stand walking 4 blocks to a subway station. Snd the second demographic who have moved in are young affluent families who like the quietness, good schools and big-sized apartments left vacant by the earlier dying crowd. It’s the way of the world, neighbourhoods change.

So it was interesting to Sarah and Ian too and they wanted us to see this lovely park dedicated to Carl Shurz, whoever he was. It was lovely, overlooking where the East and the Harlem rivers meet.  And the first thing we noticed was the bird song in the park. You never notice it in Harlem because the general noise so so loud and birdsong gets drowned out. But to hear it today was like being in a tropical forest, lovely.

The park contains a brilliant and very popular children’s play area and as a nice counter-balance the official residence for the Mayor of New York, Gracie Mansion which is really quite dinky. The Donald would have apoplexy being invited to reside here but I would love it.

I forgot to mention that before leaving the guys (well mostly Ian) cooked us our first meal – lunch – and it was lavverly. Wey hey; we are leaving them well-tutored I hope. We’ve been a bit pampered today.

Hey ho, getting a bit sad thinking about leaving but here are our final photos of our trip…


Love that last picture




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