Well regular readers may know all of this but here’s a potted back history…..

– born in Manchester back in the Middle Ages and raised in Poulton-le-Fylde (near Blackpool) so proud Lancastrian. Two great younger bros (Mark sadly no longer with us) and lovely sister. Top Dad still with us happily;

– studied International Politics and History at Aberystwyth University – great course but absolutely of no use to me in life;

– married lovely Carol whilst at Uni – everyone said we were mad and it’d never least but here we are still happily married 43 years later;

– proud dad to 3 beautiful talented daughters, and now, just to balance the gender divide, 4 amazing grandsons and two fine sons-in-law. I’m immensely proud of them all;

– spent over 30 years working for telecom giant BT, 13 years of which were with the mobile arm Cellnet – now known as O2 – as Head of Marketing. Ended up back in the parent company for 7 years as Head of Corporate Sponsorship. I had 20 years with probably the best two jobs in each company and worked with some brilliant people. So many proud moments but my two BAFTA’s (which, incredible but true, are two more than Robert de Niro – how can that possibly be so?) rank up there;

– semi-retired to a restored farmhouse in Italy in 2006 which we just love, still have and get to all too infrequently these days. Sigh. But we had to return home for knee operations to Carol and daughter Rebecca and to work (recession hit very hard). Being diagnosed with cancer in 2013 (also the year my mum passed away) put paid to ideas of gainful employment. Anyway I’m through all that thankfully for now and to help get over it I started a writing service called It’s Write for You which was good fun and I’ve found a niche building websites for folks, which must amaze all my former colleagues who thought of me as online-technologically in the bloody dark ages. Two sites to check out if you’re interested: the first on a client’s beautiful home in Turkey, Villa Kingfisher, and the second Emma’s Finds which is my wonderful daughter Emma’s home accessories site. She built about 98% of it but I still claim unworthy intellectual parental rights;

– living in Italy proved the inspiration for my first blog Pasta Paulie which started as a record of our time there but has become an irreverent ranting platform for everything I find annoying, wonderful, funny and quirky in life;

– in the last couple of years we’ve been looking after our two youngest lovely grandsons Elliott and Noah. It’s been a hoot. But with Sarah and husband Ian moving to America to run her company’s US operations, we’ve come along too to continue looking after the boys for a while and to share the ride.

I love art, architecture, football, design, wine, books, radio, London, America and Italy, good company, almost all women and quite a few blokes, eating out, cooking, olive picking, spending money (when I had budgets), white and black t-shirts, our few great friends and of course my beautiful family.  I like to write btw.

There you know me now.