Last trip

Well our last day here and we spent the morning washing, ironing and packing etc. But it was another lovely day so after lunch we headed out to a new park Sarah and Ian had found as they were house-hunting up on the Upper East side. It’s a new part of Manhattan to us and… Read More Last trip

Sandy Hook

So yesterday was a glorious day and as it was our last whole day with all the family we decided to have a bit of a blast and go the beach. The girls picked a little island off the Jersey coastline called Sandy Hook as our destination. It took a bit of getting there but… Read More Sandy Hook


So last night Sarah treated Carol and I to a fantastic meal, We were going to go down to a cool place that Sarah knows in Williamsburrg but it was heck of a journey and we’d all had a nicely tiring day so we decided to go to a little bistro restaurant round the corner… Read More BLVD

Sore feet

I returned home late this afternoon singing the Proclaimers song 500 miles in my head because that’s how far it felt like I’d walked today. But more of that in a moment. We woke at 6am to pouring rain which lasted till around 10.30am when the sun came out and it was searingly hot throughout… Read More Sore feet

Day of days

So yesterday was a lulu. It was baking hot and humid and the air con in the apartment isn’t that great to be honest. The boys were pretty good all day bless ’em despite the heat. I took Noah for his mid-morning stroll/shopping and he fell fast asleep before we’d even reached Best Market. I… Read More Day of days


Yesterday was such a lovely day; very sunny and very hot just like in the UK at the moment. This was us in the garden with the boys mid afternoon, beautiful… We really like it in here because apart from being on the doorstep it’s nicely shaded so the boys can run around to their… Read More Weather